Agricultual Services

Klean Wash Inc. provides mobile tank cleaning services nationwide for the agricultural community. We specialize in the onsite cleaning of agricultural storage tanks, totes, and sprayers being utilized to store various agricultural products such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. Our certified personnel can perform storage tank cleaning whether it’s routine maintenance to remove contamination, solids and sludge or product changeover.

Services and Abilities for Storage Tanks and Other Containment Containers

  • Clean Tanks, Vessels, Sumps and Basins

  • Re-plumbing of Storage Tanks

  • New Pump and Meter Installation

  • Eductor Installations

  • High Pressure Hot Washing

  • Confined Space Certified

  • Providing Agricultural Services to the following...

    Syngenta Monsanto BASF CPS DuPont Bayer Helena Dow Agrium Winfield FS Growmark

    ...and many more!

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